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A forum where you can talk about all the languages that are existing in this world.
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 What can you do here? And how?

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PostSubject: What can you do here? And how?   Sat Sep 08, 2007 3:00 pm

I'm very much interested in other languages. I know that I can't learn all of them, but I try to know some words of any language. But it's starting to get difficult. That's why I start this language forum. Probably there are many more people who are willing to learn more about some language but can't find it immediatly on internet. Maybe here you can find it, or you can ask it....

This forum has a few categories. Because I'm a native dutch speaker there will be a Dutch category and also an English category. When you are posting something in mainly English, do it in the English category. Even when it is about Dutch. So please if you post a message, do it in the right category. It will help to keep the forum well organized.

If you want us to add a new category, just send me a PM and we will add it as soon as possible....

Do you have any other questions, just ask and you will get an answer....

Thanks everyone....
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What can you do here? And how?
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